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Fast-track Your Advancement.

I’ve spoken previously about who inspired me to start playing music and the subsequent development of Visual Shapes for the Keyboard Books 1 and 2. In this update I talk about how I began playing and the secret to fast-track your advancement.


I started learning to play at the age of eight, in the classical field and later in my late teens started to play with a drummer and bass player. At this stage I had very little chord knowledge and was restricted to reading sheet music. It was then I finally found a teacher, who took me to the next stage with chord knowledge. Although an excellent teacher he was lacking in showing me the inversions of the chords. This is what gave me the idea to do Book 1 (chord shapes) and I now realise if I had access to said book in conjunction with my teacher, I would have advanced so much quicker.

Later on, I found another teacher who taught me how to voice the chords. I have explained this in Book 2. Once you reach this stage you will have the ability to advance yourself, according to your input and you will have much pleasure along the way.

If you have questions please click on “Contact us” and I’ll respond to your email. To purchase my books simply click on “Buy Books” and make your selection.

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