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New Release - Visual Shapes for the Keyboard Book 2

Visual Shapes for the Keyboard Book 2 is now available, here is a summary.

When I finished Visual Chord Shapes for Keyboard Book 1, I realised I had the opportunity to assist students further by providing songs with suggested chords and inversions with the left hand and melodies with the right hand.

The aim of Visual Chord Shapes for Keyboard Book 1 is to give the student a complete knowledge of all chords and inversions. It is a visual aspect of the chords laid out on the keyboard making it useable by those who cannot read music.

Book 2 contains 4 songs that will make you a more accomplished player. The best way to approach these songs is to do all four, using left hand chords and single note melody. Try not to rush the parts you know well and slow the parts you don’t. Play as slow as you like and keep an even tempo. Syncopation is extremely important to make the song sound good.

To purchase simply click on “Buy Books” and make your selection. If you have questions please click on “Contact us” and I’ll respond to your email.

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