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Book 2
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About  the Book

Book two contains four songs that will take you three steps further to making you an
accomplished player. The first step, is to play these songs with the suggested chords and
inversions with the left hand and single note melody right hand. The second step, the same
songs are in the Grand Staff to explain how to voice the chords with both hands. The third
step, with the last song, shows you how to create fills in the songs.

The first song, All Of Me in C, contains chords in C, D, G, E, A, F and Bb. Rather than,
just look at the inversions required, it would be wise to go through each key with chords and
inversions, from the triads through to at least the sevenths. This way you are getting a wider
knowledge of the inversions. Don’t forget to look at the shapes as you go. The second song,
Hello Dolly has the same chords as All Of ME, plus Ab, B, E, and Dbdim. The Shadow Of
Your Smile, Contains another two, Db and F#. The last song, Night And Day, the extra
chord in this is Eb. If you do not want to repeat the songs, disregard the sign and go straight
from coda to coda.

The best way to approach these songs, is to do all four, using left hand chords and single
note melody. Always practice both hands separate, then put together when you gain
confidence. Try not to rush the parts you know well and slow the parts you don’t. Play as
slow as you like and keep an even tempo. Syncopation is extremely important to make the
song sound good. I did not include lyrics, as it would have spread each song into more pages.
I think it is good to learn the lyrics, as it gives you a good feel for the song. It’s also good to
sing to yourself as you play and phrase the notes as you hear them. I will write some more
tips as we go. Take your time, absorb and enjoy.

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