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Author history, Acknowledgements                                                 


Index, and important information.                                                  

Circle of fourths and fifths                                                                 

Modulation exercise                                                                               

Finger positions and shapes                                                                                                                         

Template A five octaves from B flat, plus notes to C

Chords in C                                                                                          

Chords in D flat                                                                                   

Chords in D                                                                                          

Template B five octaves from D flat, plus notes to E flat

Chords in E flat                                                                                   

Chords in E                                                                                          

Chords in F                                                                                          

Template C five octaves from E, plus notes to F sharp

Chords in F sharp                                                                               

Chords in G                                                                                      

Chords in A flat                                                                                   

Template D five octaves from G, plus notes to A

Chords in A                                                                                        

Chords in B flat                                                                                  

Chords in B                                                                                         

Sample Pages

It is important to read this page before playing the chords.


I tried laying them out to the position of the fingers on the notes, but found this was not possible for two reasons.   Firstly, if you change the fingering that changes the position and secondly, each individual could place their fingers differently, depending on the size of your hand and other factors.  


When you play these chords your fingers will automatically go to the right position (whatever you find most comfortable). I then tried to place the notes according to the shape I see, but found this also did not work, as it was difficult to place them and also some players may see the shape different than I do.